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e) About this Web site

What is the Website about and what it is not about?

The Website is about the COOPERACTIVE (Active Cooperation) ASSETS which are the New COMMONS!

In (very) short, COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are a new way of creating, producing and distributing resources, goods, services, benefits among People.

COOPERACTIVE ASSETS are also about caring more about what to produce, how to produce it and how to fairly share it.

In the Website, you will find:

  • Information
  • Facts
  • Theories
  • Awareness
  • Proposals


The Website is not about :

Even if we have some articles about History of COMMONS, the Website is not an archive and memory about COMMONS in previous centuries. The Website is not about the biography of Pioneers of COMMONS.

We have to know the Past just for being oriented to the Future in order to be present right now for creating our New COMMONS, the COOPERACTIVE ASSETS 😉

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