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What are Natural Universal COOPERATIVE ASSETS?

In order to better familiarize yourself with the notion of COOPERATIVE ASSETS, here is a short presentation, which is not intended to be exhaustive, of what are Natural COOPERATIVE ASSETS. Previously these resources were known as Natural COMMON.
But in reality, there are now, strico senso, with Human presence all around the Planet, no Natural resource per itself. Even these resources are coconstructed. By action or inaction of Humankind Civilization.
This is why it is more accurate to talk about Natural Cooperative Assets as they are under our responsability (Cooperative). And they are Assets which, if badly managed, could disappear from Earth.
So Natural Universal COOPERATIVE ASSETS are :

  1. COOPERATIVE ASSETS that are based on a natural resource, abundant or not, on Earth or elsewhere (Current limit: Solar System).
  2. The notion of Universal means, either a Common Resource present throughout the Earth (Air for example). Or a Common Resource whose benefits of exploitation must be shared by all. (i.e Gold Mine underwater outside the Territorial Waters)

Here is, therefore, on the basis of these two criteria, a beginning of the list of Universal COOPERATIVE ASSET:
– Air
– Water
– All Raw Mineral Materials in the broad sense, initially located outside Territorial Waters.
– All forms of oil (liquid, bitumen,…) and Gas (liquid, shale,…) outside the Territorial Waters initially as seen above. Parks, Reserves and biological and ecological preservation areas, such as what Australia’s Great Barrier Reef or the Amazon could be.
– Mountains that are symbolic for Human Culture such as Mount Everest, Mont Blanc, Elbrusz, Mount Ararat, Sinai, Kilimanjaro, Aconcagua, Denali, Puncak Jaya, Mount Kosciuszko to name but the highest and most culturally known. But many other Mountains, or hills, have cultural significance or are remarkable beauties to add to the list of COMMONS.
– Important Lakes and Rivers such as the Nile or the Amazon.

P.S Agricultural Resources (fields, orchards, etc…) are not among these types of Universal COOPERATIVE ASSETS.

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