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What are the Future COOPERATIVE ASSETS?

As you know now, the COOPERATIVE ASSETS are inspired by the same Spirit than the Old or historical COMMONS, having a form of collective property and responsibility on some Natural or Cultural resources for a better sharing of resources or incomes created or coming from the COMMONS.

Examples of COOPERATIVE ASSETS which are going to be set up, hopefully, very quickly, are :

  • Local Community UBER Services
  • Local Community Air B & B Services

where these Services are managed and controlled by the Town, Area, Region and have the Monopoly of these activities.


They will be the New COMMONS which are not yet existing and that we  are barely imagining in our minds,

The Future COOPERATIVE ASSETS will have the Power of the Industrial, Technological and Digital Ages!
This is the Times where we can now start to invent, create, develop, spread these real new forms of COMMONS, the COOPERATIVE ASSETS, on this Planet.
We have many things in common. More than some imagine. In reality, in its core, the world is a huge and global COOPERATIVE ASSET!

All that someone invented or created can benefit to all the others.
And we don’t need redundant and individual assets of Production.
We can have collective means of production which could be used, by any of us, and benefit to all of us, according to the rules that we would have decided.

Now with our powerful engines & tools, “cheap” energy, computers, network, the Internet and Economical, Sociological, Technical, Psychological, Educational (Not a Supertramp’s song!?) Knowledge we can have:

– More sharing and caring of Natural resources
– Collective 3D Printers for building our new houses.
– Collective 3D Printers of new organs, for everyone, at cheap or affordable price (Hello USA!)
– 1 Personal Robot for everyone.
– More access to Nature
– More inventions eco-friendly oriented and accessible for everyone

and as much as new ideas, concepts, dreams, wills that we would like to establish and set up!

In order to create our new World and to really be free, we have to master and get 3 ingredients: Will, Resources, and Knowledge.

Alpharis is dedicated to promoting and developing these 3 ingredients in order to help to create the future COOPERATIVE ASSETS of our World.

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