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INTERNET is definitely a New COMMONS. A Digital type.

To better understand what a new Common Good and more particularly a digital good is, the best example to illustrate this point is to talk about the Internet. A COMMON is something that benefits, fairly (see point 3 below), those who can access it. In the past, COMMONS were more or less limited to local areas. And mainly to the exploitation of natural resources.

Today, when a Common Good, a COMMONS, is by itself, Universal, it can, potentially, benefit everyone. This is the great strength of the Digital Commons. By their nature, they can be profitable and enjoyable for the greatest number of people. And the INTERNET is a new COMMON GOOD. We must be aware of this. We must realize and understand that by setting and sharing universally accepted Standards, we create not only a much larger one, but new Goods / Services and Enterprises (The Internet Eco-System with GAFA and BATX). These norms (and not only standards), which have generated digital codings and vice versa, are the result of years of work and research carried out by people, mainly funded (see French Cyclades initiative), initially by the American Administration (through public funds distributed via the Army and then to universities). This Administrative entity has given time and resources to create these new COMMON Assets. It required human energy, inventiveness. It was difficult. It was a pioneering process. But, in the end, she succeeded. And now, any human can enjoy the Internet. What an evolution compared to previous years!

It is the strength of COMMONS to have both the collective level of the Community in which it is exercised developed. And also, directly, the level of prosperity of the individuals who are in this Community.

Then we can remember that:

COMMUNICATIONS are capable of creating and bringing an incredible source of prosperity to Humanity.
Let us become aware of “wealth” in all its forms, human, social, technological, financial etc…. brought by the Digital COMMONS that is the Internet through the gigantic Eco-System that it represents (From Developer- Local Website Designer to GAFAM and BATX).
What will be the next great Digital (or physical) COMMON Goods that we will create together?
What new Eco-Systems can we create? Both gigantic in economic size and on a human scale?
COMMUNICATIONS are based on equity of access. This does not mean equality. Potentially, we can find this quite simply in the so-called developed countries, with access to the Internet. Potentially, any individual with access to the Internet can access it as much as they wish. That’s the fair game. The potentials are the same for all. However, in addition to the fact that each person can spend as much time as they want, from 0 to, in theory, 24 hours a day; and that some can therefore spend more time than others; it is especially how they will use the Internet Resource that will make the difference. Some will choose to watch Cat Videos all day long[Grumpy Cat ==> Digital Regrets], others will prefer to learn about the latest science hypotheses. But at the beginning everyone has the same potential. This is what also characterizes COMMONS, or at least the New COMMONS. It is the individual action of each Member of the Community that creates for itself its own harvest, proportional to the exploitation of the Common Resource.
The Internet COMMONS, like all Digital COMMONS, has absolutely (or almost no) shortage problems. The “consumption” of a good from the COMMONS Internet Resource, unlike the consumption of a fish in a Common Lake, does not lead to its disappearance. Viewing a Video on the Internet does not prevent others from seeing it as well (Except when it is the exception to the rule, namely the principle of the application itself is not to allow the duration in time of the resource being viewed, see Snap Chat). And even at the same time. See the article on the subject.

Article Initiated on 20/03/2019.
Update on 28/05/2019


IT consultant connects a network cable into switch in datacenter

Why are the Digital Commons totally immune to the Tragedy of the Commons?

First of all, it is worth recalling what the notion of Tragedy of the Commons is, which was popularized by Heller and Eisenberg, and which is based mainly on the notion of Natural Resources.
Who says Natural Resources means exploitation and therefore, in the long term, the possibility of the end of exploitation. However, in the case of a Commons (badly exploited by a Community, an over Exploitation (Heller and Eisenberg use the term “Overuse”) leads to the disappearance of the Commons, but why this risk does not exist in the Digital Commons? or at least weakly and it can be weakly circumvented.

Because the very essence of the Digital, the possibility of copying WITHOUT depriving the original user of his ORIGINAL, carries in itself another dimension that exceeds the limits and usual structures of physical productions in the real world.
In the real world, what is given to one no longer exists for the other. The transaction of an object is at the expense of the ownership and physical possession of that object.

However, in the Digital era, one can entrust an “object”, i.e. a file (word processing, music, video) or data-information (databases in all forms of content and formats) WITHOUT the “original” being destroyed by the original owner. Thus the two possible limits of a misuse of Commons;
– A “good” exists in a single copy and if I give it to someone else I no longer have it.
– an overuse of a place of resources (Wood, pond, etc…) brings the disappearance of all “goods”
no longer exist in this New World that is the Digital.

And so all the limitations of COMMONS that existed in the Physical World are no longer present in the Digital World. The bad ratings and weaknesses of physical COMMONS are no longer possible in Numerics!
There are only the good sides of COMMONS left:
– Fair Sharing
– Accountability
– Creation-User Action for the exploitation of Commons.

Thus, in evolution, replacement, or joint existence with Capitalism, COMMONS can make it possible to create a New Civilization, based on the creation of and by everyone with equitable distributions (which does not mean egalitarian). This possibility is based on us and our actions. But we can build it, together, now.

Let us also add that to the specificity of the Digital and the Digital Commons: the non-destruction of the original in a transfer; it is necessary to add other factors specific to the Digital as, at this moment:
– either the continuous decrease in the costs of storage equipment such as hard disks,
– or their increases in storage capacity (Note that these two capacities are not linked to the current trend (March 2019) of increasing invoicing prices by major cloud companies 🙁 but this does not reflect the structural trend of falling prices coupled with an increase in capacity).
– We will also add the increase in the speed of information transfer, which can be summarized by the Internet pipes, with the same double characteristic as for storage, increased capacity and structural cost declining in the long term..

There is therefore basically with:
– The very essence of the Digital, the infinite duplication of an “object” without loss of information
– The storage capacity increasing at constant cost
– The transmission capacity increasing at constant cost
The possibility, real and within reach of our actions, of creating, by the Digital COMMONS, a new Civilization reflecting our profound and structuring choices of life.