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2) What are New COMMONS? (i.e: Uber©like)

New COMMONS are the Alliance of :

  • Goodwill
  • Justice
  • Sustainability
  • Technologies
  • Knowledge

– Goodwill for a desire, a passion, to make the world better for everyone.

– Justice for a fair sharing of outcomes and resources for everyone.

– Sustainability for producing just what we really need and totally recycling it.

– Technologies and new inventions for creating new services & products for the benefit of all.

– Knowledge for creating, spreading, improving, the New COMMONS.


For examples, some simple New COMMONS which can be established quickly. are UBER© services alike.

For many reasons, according to the reading grid of COMMONS, the impact of these kind of companies in Town, People, Civilization, are devastating.

They are at the origin of many problems. Suffice to say that they do not create a real richness.

So, for instance, New COMMONS keep the only good core of these companies, the idea of using a digital interface to put in relation a customer and a seller of services.

But, for example, a New COMMONS UBER© alike would, for the Taxi drivers :
– Guarantee a fair minimal wage
– Guarantee fair holidays or days off paid.
– Guarantee fair Health and Retirement support
– No concurrency (Local Monopoly of taxi by the Town or region)

For the consumers:
– An application (or website) for using the services 24/7/365
– A grid of fares according to the distance
– A fair price, calculated according to the grid, and shown in advance in the Application.
– A guarantee that Taxi drivers are licensed to drive (And are able to do it, Driving licence still valid or authorized).
– That they can put a notation, a score to the Taxi Drivers and have access to the History of reviews of any taxi Drivers, before to order the drive.

For the Community:
– Taxi drivers are fairly paid and do only decent hours of work (Spoiler: 12 hours a day is not decent ..)
– All Taxi drivers are known and authorized on a daily updated list
– They can regulate the number of taxis in advance, in a 3 years program: +5 in year 1, +3 in year 2, -1 in year 3
– They can organize rides and orders (A.I, algorithms, Knowledge Models) to make travel less polluting, faster, less disruptive for residents or other motorists.
– They can balance the amount of revenues for each Taxi by numerous ways like assigning them to specific lucrative spots like airport, railway station ..

Establishing a local UBER© COMMONS is relatively easy. There are absolutely no technological limitation or obstacles. Using GPS, connecting to a Pay or Credit Card system, developing an App for Android or iOS, are very accessible for all the developers around the world. The developing and maintenance costs are not really expensive.

This why this kind of COMMONS are highly representative of what is a New COMMONS.

Among the services of Alpharis, the Manufacture of COMMONS, we can help you set up this kind of COMMONS in your Community.

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4) Why do we need COMMONS???

Royalism is dead.

Communism has failed.

Capitalism is not working in the long term.

This is why we need New COMMONS now.

Pursuing Capitalism is like being locked onto a suicide course.
Suicide of ourselves.
And murder of the Planet, and in a way, murder on our children and great-children.
Capitalism is like a modern Cronus. Enslaving and eating its own family.
But, at least, Cronus respected the Earth and Nature.
Right now, we even don’t do this but ..

Times are changing!

More and more voices are talking, not only to criticize the situation, but to propose solutions, new ideas, new concepts.

Another world, more joyful more friendly, more sustainable, more enthusiastic is possible.
Imagining and setting up new COMMONS will help this World to emerge and to exist like it should be.

It’s only up to US.
Right now.

All the Best.

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You are free to come as much as you want to learn and instruct yourself about COMMONS.

It is only if in case you need some specific services from us like formation, audit, creation, improvement of COMMONS that you will pay something.

For instance, we can help you:
– Preserve your Natural COMMONS (Forests, Lakes, seas, mountains but also any kind of mining and petroleum resources which are also Naturals COMMONS)
– Develop these Natural COMMONS (Expanding natural parks, particular eco-systems like ponds, rivers …)
– Set up a Local UBER (No more uncontrolled services and unfair competition. All Taxis are under control of the municipalities, town, and cities with a specific application for the local customer).
– Set up a local Air B & B (No more uncontrolled temporary house rental and real estate inflation plus all the perverse effects of these rentals. All touristic rentals are under control of the municipalities, town, and cities with a specific application for the local customer).
– Use the New 3D construction printers for building a new block of Commons houses.
– Set up collective equipment
– Set up a specific program which can help your local COMMONS’ creator to establish new realizations in your City or area.
– And so much more possibilities. Just ask us!

We can work on-site and operate directly in your COMMONS or/and online, according to the needs of the project.

We can operate in what we call the “International Business English language” and/or in French.

Any of the CONTENT (Except Videos & Photos which are copyrighted by tiers) of the Web site available in the Public Domain area (No registration needed) are totally FREE.
Free of use (CC Licence “By”). Free to download. Free to distribute and share.



ALPHARIS, the MANUFACTURE of COMMONS, is dedicated to:

  • Promote the use and the concept of COMMONS.
  • Explain what are COMMONS, their theories and values.
  • Explain why we need COMMONS, now and everywhere on the Planet.
  • Explain how to set up New COMMONS.
  • Be the Workplace of Manufacturers of COMMONS where New COMMONS are imagined.
  • Be the Marketplace where customers who want and need COMMONS can find help and services.
  • Be the Furnace where some of the New COMMONS are created and developed.

The main contents of the Web site are organised in 3 topics :

  1. How to Create COMMONS?
  2. What are New COMMONS?
  3. Our Services

In coherency with its subject, ALPHARIS is itself a New COMMONS in deployment and under construction.

You will find more information about Copyrights on ALPHARIS here.

But in Short, all Texts (Not Photos or Videos), Guides, Database present in the Public part on the website (No registration needed), concerning, Theories, Information, Knowledge about COMMONS, and done by Alpharis or a member of Alpharis, can be used Freely and with no Royalties. They are under Licence Creative Commons CC “By” & “SA”.

And if you need a specific help and assistance for creating, establishing, setting up, improving a COMMONS, you can contact us trough this Form.

Use the Manufacture and create New COMMONS!

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5) About this Web site

What is the website about and what it is not about?

The website is about New COMMONS!

In (very) short, New COMMONS are a new way of creating, producing and distributing resources among People.

New COMMONS are also about creating new resources, new products, new services. With more caring about what to produce, how to produce it and how to fairly share it.

In the Website, you will find:

  • Information
  • Facts
  • Theories
  • Awareness
  • Proposals


The Website is not about :

Even if we have some articles about History of COMMONS, the Website is not an archive and memory about COMMONS in previous centuries. We have to know the Past just for being oriented to the Future in order to be present right now for creating our New COMMONS 😉

And the Website is not about the biography of Pioneers of COMMONS.