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There are 3 different areas in Alpharis Website.

  1. The Public Content
  2. The Shop
  3. Online formation

1) Public Content.
All Texts (Not images or videos), Guides, Database present in the Public part (No registration needed) on the Website, concerning, Theories, Information, Knowledge about COMMONS, and done by Alpharis or a member of Alpharis, can be used Freely and with no Royalties.

They are under Licence Creative Commons CC “By” & “SA”.

  Licences Licences  


Please note again that Photos and Videos on the Website, like Posts, are most of the times copyrighted by tiers and can’t be used freely.
Their use and reproduction are regulated by the copyright’s owners of the specific material.

You don’t need a registration to download and use the Free materials or information included and present in the web site.
Most of the Times, you will find a PDF Download Button where the content is automatically generated in the form a PDF File

All that is already existing in the Public area can be freely used with no limitation.


2) The Shop.
It can sell directly or indirectly Products or Services, Digital or not. You will have to create an account on Alpharis or one of its partner to be able to order and pay for one or several products.


3) Online formation.
Depending on the course, topic and level, some training will be free and other paid training.
Registration will be needed.


And as we wrote that they are 3 different areas in ALPHARIS Website, we could almost say that there is in reality 4 areas, with our Services of Assistance 🙂

Because, as a reminder, if you need a specific help for creating, establishing, setting up, improving a COMMONS, you can contact us trough this Form and we will propose you a quotation for your project. The deployment and work of ALPHARIS’ members on your COMMONS will be themselves regulated by a Commercial contract and a Chart.

But as the Services are not present in the Website, we still have only our 3 different areas of the beginning.

So, about Copyright material, we can sum up the spirit in a way of a lullaby song:
If it’s there already,
Good news it’s free!
If you want something specific,
Payment isn’t just honorific!

Images :
Licence Creative Commons “BY” et “SA by
Copyright illustration by Olivier le Moal on ENVATO.