Golden Rules of COMMONS

The Golden Rules of a Good Commons! Basic and principles of effective Commons.

A good Commons is in other words an effective Commons.
And what is an effective Commons ?

A Commons which :
– Brings prosperity to People
– Responsibility
– The Durability of the exploited Resources
– Inner Joy and enlightenment (OK, my personal definition 🙂  )

Rule number 1: No prime to Pervert actions.
A pervert action is an action against some participants or the Commons ressources by other participants.
Like for instance an action which significatively alter and modify the shares or incomes of other People on Commons’ Ressources.
Or an action which prevent other people to use the Commons.
Or by ruining and/or altering the resources of the Commons or the Private Resources which give birth to Commopns ressources.
Or an action against the durability of Resources.

Rule number 2 : Durability and sustainability in Times of the Ressources.
A good Commons is a Commons which can be enjoyed for Centuries! And even more.
Whatever it is Natural or Digital Commons.
Until a New Commons takes its place, a Good Commons is a Commons which perdure in Times.
Because it means what it is effective and bring common wealth (in two words) over time to its participants.
And whether the resources are renewed or sustainable.

Rule number 3 : (Yes, there is a rule Number 3. This is not Fight Club!)
Fair sharing. Fair meaning Equitable. Not egalitarian.
The more you, as a person, exploit, the Resources, the more you receive.
But without ruining or dramatically spoiling the Resource.
It’s why COMMONS is also an Art. An Art of Subtlety.


Alchemist of COMMONS