IT consultant connects a network cable into switch in datacenter by kjekol

INTERNET is definitely a COOPERACTIVE ASSET. A Digital type.

Today, when a COMMONS, a COOPERACTIVE ASSET is by itself, Universal, it can, potentially, benefit everyone. This is the great strength of the Digital COOPERACTIVE ASSETS. By their nature, they can be profitable and enjoyable for the greatest number of people. And the INTERNET is a new COOPERACTIVE ASSET. We must be aware of this.

A person carrying a lot of cash

The increase in the number of Billionaires in the World: Informations or Fake News? Truth or illusion? In other words, Ultracapitalism, what effectiveness?

1) Of course, it is also necessary to take into account the evolution of the World Population during this time. It is true that, mechanically, if the population changes, so does the number of billionaires. So by taking into account the evolution of the population and relating it to the Billionaire multiplication factor, we will obtain the right weighting of this factor


The “Nice” Commons! The “Bandite”

They are plenty of subtilities in the Right of “Bandite” like in some cases, the “bandiotes” had to leave their animals at night in the fields they had grazed during the day. And this in such a way that the manure or dung “dropped” by the animals can, in turn, benefit the land. This is so that the next harvest, which as a reminder cannot be used or wasted by the ‘bandiote’, is improved by natural manure. It is a rich and very intelligent counterpart, even if it is not very fragrant:-)