Forgerons & Alchimistes

Une référence symbolique qui se devait d'être sur le site :-) Ecrit par le Philodophe Roumain Mircea ELIADE, c'est un livre considéré comme un classique sur le sujet.

Wooden footbridge over river in dutch countryside near Groningen under amazing dark sunset during a sunday afternoon stroll

3) What are Natural COMMONS

In order to better familiarize yourself with the notion of COMMONS, and in particular of COMMONS called Universal and Natural and also called Physical COMMONS, here is a short presentation, which is not intended to be exhaustive, of what are Natural COMMO Read more

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5) About this Web site

What is and what is not the Website? The website is about proposal about COMMONS. It is not about History of COMMONS or biography of Pioneers of COMMONS.